Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to Use This Web Blog

This web blog is created as the final project for 2009 Spring Study of Sexualities class: Clinical Consideration for the LGBTQ community.

This web blog discusses on various issues that distress men who identify as both gay and Asian. If you want to contribute to the contents of the web blog, you are more than welcomed to.

To the right, under the blog archive, there are six entries which serve as a menu panel. You can read from the beginning to the end as if it was one big web page, or you can use these links as if they were different pages.

* How to Use This Web Blog
Back to the main page, which is this post.

* What is 'Gay' and 'Asian'?
What does it mean to identify with both gay and Asian identities?

* Gay Asian Masculinity
How society thinks Asian man can not be masculine

* Dating and Mating
How does ethnicity affects dating and mating in the gay world?

* Coming out to Family
Dealing with coming out to family

* Clinical Approach
Then, how can therapists help men who identify as both gay and Asian?

* Further Information
Offering hyperlinks to further information


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